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Centennial Lending

 Mortgage Loans, Construction Loans, Commercial Loans 

MEMBERS…..through partnership with a local Credit Union Service Organization, we are able to offer commercial, construction and/or mortgage lending. Trust our home financing experts to provide the loan that's right for you!  Click here for more information or to apply online.


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For security purposes, your Visa debit card could be blocked if unusual activity occurs, especially in another state or foreign country. To make sure your card works when you need it most, give up a quick call before your next trip at 402-463-6668.

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Safeguard yourself from fraudulent activity, especially calls/texts that are from an unknown source. Beware of phone calls/texts attempting to obtain personal data, account numbers, debit card numbers, etc.  HFCU will never call, text, or email requesting this information we already have on file.  If you receive a phone call and are unsure of its validity, call or visit our office.  Also please visit these helpful websites with current information of the lastest , , and