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At Hastings Federal Credit Union, we take our
responsibility to protect our member’s financial information seriously and
adhere to high standards of security in order to provide a safe and secure online
user experience.

In an effort to ensure your online experience is well-protected and reduce the risk of having your personal financial information compromised, we will begin requiring stronger password complexity for ETeller users. Please note, your passwords and financial information have not been compromised. We are simply taking a proactive approach to keep your online accounts safe.

As a best practice we recommend all online users proactively change their passwords to the stronger requirements at their earliest convenience. 

You are a valued member and we thank you for your patience during this transition. If you have questions about the updated password requirements or any other matters, please contact us at 402-463-6668.


·        Upon login you may be asked to validate your Email Address

·        Upon login you may be asked to add new Challenge Questions

o   Answers to challenge questions must contain at least 6 characters and cannot repeat

·        Periodic password reset will be required


·        Complexity:

o   Between 8 and 32 characters in length.

o   At least 1 uppercase alphabetic character.

o   At least 1 lowercase alphabetic character.

o   At least 1 number OR special character ( ! # $ % _ - ).

o   Space(s) may be used but cannot be at the beginning or end of the password or phrase.

o   Cannot be 1 of the 5 previously used passwords.

NOTE: Passwords are case-sensitive.


    • Members with URLs stored as favorites containing a session ID may want to set a new link.
    • Members should clear browser cache.
    • Members should ensure that browser security is set to accommodate TLS 1.2 protocol.

Steps to take: Internet Explorer Main Menu > select Tools > Internet Options > select the Advanced tab > in the Security category, check Use TLS 1.2 > click OK > exit and restart Internet Explorer

The following are common browsers, the version of those browsers that support TLS 1.2 and a link to download the latest version of that browser:

·        Internet Explorer 

o   IE 11 supports TLS 1.2 (IE 8-10 supports TLS 1.2, but are disabled by default)


·        Mozilla Firefox 

o   Version 27 and newer supports TLS 1.2  


·        Google Chrome 

o   Version 30 and newer supports TLS 1.2


·        Apple Safari 

o   Version 7 and newer supports TLS 1.2




Contact Us

Do you have a suggestion or question for us?
Just e-mail, call, or write us with any suggestions, comments, or questions you may have about our products, services or your account. Please do not include personally identifiable information in an e-mail.  E-mail is not a secure form of communications.

Hastings Federal Credit Union
707 N. Marian Rd
Hastings, NE  68901
Phone:  402-463-6668
Out-Of-Area:  1-877-508-8399
Fax:  402-463-3018

Member Services
VoiceTeller:  402-463-6670 or Out-of-Area 1-888-610-6822
With the VoiceTeller you have 24-hour link to the Credit Union.  All you need is a touch tone telephone and a VoiceTeller Pin number and you can actually access your credit union accounts from your home, office, or car 24 hours a day seven days a week!  To get your pin number and instructions, please call the credit union office.
Lobby Hours:      9:00 AM -- 5:00 PM Monday - Friday 
                         9:00 AM -- 12:00 PM Saturday
Drive-UP Hours:  8:30 AM -- 5:30 PM Monday - Friday
                         8:30 AM -- 12:00 PM Saturday


Linda Stark Manager
Lesa Cropley Assistant Manager
Joni Havranek Share Draft/Card Rep
Cheri Reams Collection Manager
Jamie Hinrichs Head Teller
Ashley Kirstine Loan Processor
Jean Hester Mortgage Processor
Kenzie Kimminau Teller  
Andrea Melendez Teller  
Libby Hartwell Teller  
Jessica Rose Teller  
Katelin Kenton Part-time Teller